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Healing waters draw generations of travelers to our hot springs.

Hot Springs in Virginia

Evidence of water therapy as a source of relaxation and healing dates back to long before written history, and The Homestead brings this time-honored tradition to you with our Virginia hot springs. Two major springs from the Allegheny Mountains flow onto The Omni Homestead Resort property, naturally heated and requiring no chemical treatment, meaning you can enjoy the best hot springs in Virginia, literally straight from the source. Renew your mind and body with a rejuvenating soak in the natural mineral waters of our legendary Jefferson Pools, or play year-round in our two-acre outdoor pool area, Allegheny Springs.

Our legendary Jefferson Pools are the cream of the crop of Virginia hot springs and have drawn visitors from across the country for centuries. The pools are named for Thomas Jefferson, who sojourned here in 1818 to spend three weeks relaxing within our Virginia mountain spa. Soaking in the Gentlemen's Pool House three times a day, Jefferson proclaimed the spring waters to be "of the first merit." Today you can follow in the footsteps of Jefferson and so many other renowned Americans by "taking the waters" in the long-standing tradition.

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Open Thursday through Sunday
Family soaking (swimsuits required): 12pm-2pm
Adult soaking (swimsuits optional): 2pm-5pm

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