La Costa

The Rules

Virginia, the Birthplace of Southern Hospitality

As the birthplace of Southern hospitality, The Omni Homestead is living proof that authenticity endures. View the rules we created and live by in order to provide our guests with the most memorable visit.


1. “If you do your job well, you will know each guest by name. If you do your job extraordinarily well, each guest will know you by name.”

2. “Elsewhere, it may be enough to greet a guest with a mere ‘welcome.’ But here, we say ‘welcome home.’”

3. “Whether it’s iced in the summer, or hot in the winter, always serve tea steeped in tradition.”

4. “Though there are many ways to serve your guests, always serve them just one way - graciously.”

5. “Be sure to give your guest every opportunity to take in the beautiful surroundings during their visit.”

6. “Provide adventures by day, a tranquil view at sunset, and a heavenly respite at night’s fall.”

7. “Be sure to offer your guest the best seat in the house, and that may include a rocker on the porch.”

8. “Always open the door for a lady, or a gentleman, or anyone kind enough to come calling.”

9. “Welcome your guest as you would a familiar and much adored friend.”

10. “Whether it’s a full day’s romp in the sunshine, or to curl up by the fire with a book, give your guests exactly what they crave.”

11. “Always offer your guests more than they expect.”


12. “Make certain your guests understand that business and pleasure are not mutually exclusive.”

13. “The meeting of great minds becomes greater when the setting is inspired.”

14. “To encourage a productive meeting, surround your guests with nature, history and plenty of extra pencils.”


15. “Every hostess should reign supreme, but none more than a bride on her wedding day.”

16.“Never forget that a wedding is more than an event. ‘Tis the stuff dreams are made of.’”


17. “When the 18th hole is done, everyone deserves a pat on the back, whether meant as celebration or solace.”

18. “Show your guest that in the South, we are always polite - even when engaged in competition.”


19. “Fill each guestroom with expected comforts and unexpected luxuries.”

20. “Make certain the bed feels like heaven itself and that the covers are turned down before the crickets start to sing.”


21. “Serve your guests all the best, even if it means spending days preparing and cooking in anticipation of their arrival.”

22. “Whether found atop a fiery grill or under a silver dome, fine Southern fare should never be anything less than superb.”

23. “Each guest should leave the dining room full - fully nourished and fully delighted.”