La Costa

Healthy habits for life

Exercise & Movement

Learn how to feel your best every day, at every age. At The Spa at The Omni Homestead you will find a depth of wellness opportunities to establish and practice healthy habits for life including world-class facilities and fitness classes.

Daily classes such as yoga, indoor cycling and dance will be held in the facility's extensive fitness area which includes three movement therapy rooms as well as a cardio weight room.

Fitness Room is open from 6am until 8pm daily.

Fitness Schedule:

November 3 - November 9

November 10 - November 16

  • Exercise & Movement

    Our exercise and wellness professionals are among the best in the world, and they can be invaluable in helping you establish or refine a customized exercise routine - no matter what you current fitness level.

    Exercise & Movement


      Have a certified personal trainer take you through a private workout covering cardiovascular exercise, strength training and stretching.

      50 minutes - $85

      We can also customize an aerobic, weight training, flexibility, yoga or meditation program that helps you meet your goals.

      Dance:  50 minutes - $85
      Flexibility:  50 minutes - $85
      Yoga, Meditation:  50 minutes - $85
      Personal Training for Two:  50 minutes - $125
  • Exercise Physiology

    Work with an exercise physiologist to design an efficient exercise program based on your goals, fitness level, preferences and abilities.

    Exercise Physiology


      Skin-fold calipers are used to measure the percentage of body fat in relation to lean body mass.

      25 minutes - $30

      Consult with an exercise physiologist and recieve a customized exercise plan geared specifically toward a goal of weight loss. Learn how to increase your metabolism and reduce excess body fat.

      50 minutes - $110


      An Exercise physiologist creates a customized exercise program to help you achieve your fitness goals, whether you're a novice or an avid exerciser. This may include strength training program design, blood pressure control, cardiovascular risk factor reduction, blood pressure control, target heart rate determination, blood sugar management, weight lifting techniques, flexibility, lean body mass and body composition assessment and overall fitness improvement strategies.

      50 minutes - $110


      Forget all those charts and graphs.  Get an accurate, personalized target heart rate and be sure you’re making the most efficient use of your workout time.

      50 minutes - $110


      Assess your fitness level through five tests:  cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and body composition.  An exercise physiologist will administer the tests and use your results to design a safe and effective exercise program that will help you achieve your goals.

      $80 minutes - $160