La Costa

Indulge in our Aqua Thermal Suite

Hot and cold experiences to relax and refresh

We are proud to introduce our Aqua Thermal Suite, a luxurious collection of European-style aquatic environments. Extend your healing or rejuvenating experience and maximize the benefits of spa services by enjoying one or more of these areas before or after your service.

Ages 14 and older.

EXPERIENTIAL SHOWERS Enjoy multi-sensory cooling after exposure to heat. Select from three storm experiences: Artic Mist, Atlantic Storm or Caribbean Storm.

HERBAL COCOON Feel stress slip away as you sit in a heated niche below a starlit ceiling. Your muscles relax as your body gently warms, enhancing the purification and detoxification process.

THERMAL HEATED LOUNGES Radiant-heated loungers designed to relax your muscles between thermal experiences while you enjoy a scenic visual experience.

THE CHILL A cold cabin experience where you can deeply inhale the crisp vapor that fills the air and apply flaked ice directly to skin to cool your lungs and core temperature.

AROMATIC STEAM The soothing power of steam open pores and infuses your lungs with the invigorating scent of aromatic essential oils, amid the beauty of refracted colored light.

While much of the pleasure and efficacy of aqua thermal therapy lies in the comfortable temperature of the various pools and treatments, allowing your body to experience a contrast of hot and cold temperatures is at the heart of these therapeutic offerings.

You'll enjoy complimentary access to the Aqua Thermal Suite and the Spa Garden* with any 50-minute or longer Spa service. (Access is available on day of service.) Without a service, access is available at the following fees:

Sunday - Thursday
One-day pass: $40

Friday and Saturday
One-day pass: $55

*The Spa Garden is open to adults only; ages 18 and older.

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Suzanne R